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when the fury is stronger than the power of the opressor...

Wandbild 2022
Gouache auf Fenster, Stickers & Text

#MahsaAmini #freeiran #iranrevolution #iranprotests


“It is to show that we are angry.”


Around the world people are uniting in protest against the Iranian government by cutting their hair.

The protests started after the death of Mahsa Amini who was arrested by Iranian so called “morality police” after she was arrested for allegedly wearing her hijab “improperly.”

“Women cutting their hair is an ancient Persian tradition… when the fury is stronger than the power of the oppressor.” tweeted writer and translator Shara Atashi.


“No to the headscarf, no to the turban, yes to freedom and equality” – protesters chanting in the streets of Iran. Die Faust als Zeichen des Protests, die Haare abgeschnitten in Solidarität mit der Revolution im Iran.

Es ist für mich eine sehr emotionale Sache – all die Nachrichten, die Gewalt und das Leiden, die Hilflosigkeit, die Wut. Aber da ist auch Hoffnung – im Mut und der Kraft, der Solidarität, in der Revolution.


Bans off our Bodies - auf der ganzen Welt!


Das Design ist inspiriert von Protest Schildern und insbesondere von einer Zeichnung von Marjane Satrapi.


"For my mother, for my daughter, for the fear of solitary confinement, for the women of my country, for freedom.” Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe




"They need to know that they are not alone. They need to know that what they are asking, which are basic human rights, is something we want to fight alongside them."


How to help?

Organize or attend protests.

Share News – be their voice.

Contact your representatives/leader.

Help users bypass the internet access.

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